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Welcome to the Southampton Legion

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 155

The Poppy Campaign

Honour and support our Veterans

All funds raised through the Poppy Campaign directly support Veterans, serving military, and their families.

Your donations help support:

  • programs and assistance for Veterans and serving military in need, and their families
  • medical training and research, and provide community medical appliances to assist in the care of Veterans
  • services through Canadian Military Family Resource Centres
  • housing and care facilities for elderly, disabled, and homeless Veterans
  • bursaries for children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Veterans
  • Veteran drop-in centres and meals-on-wheels programs
  • sponsorship of cadet and youth programs

The Poppy Campaign

Every year, from the last Friday of October to November 11, tens of millions of Canadians wear a Poppy as a visual pledge to honour Canada’s Veterans and remember those who sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy today. While the Poppy is distributed freely to all who wish to wear one, the Legion gratefully accepts donations to the Poppy Fund.

The Poppy Campaign is very much a local initiative, conducted by Legion Branches in cities, towns and communities across the country. Donations collected during the Poppy Campaign are held in Trust at the branch level to directly support Veterans and their families within their community and to help ensure Canadians ‘never forget’.

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